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Founded by an industry veteran over fifteen years ago, Elite Interiors Systems fulfills the critical need for outstanding performance and outstanding results - on time and within budget. Possessing an extensive history in interior construction and project management Elite is the go-to resource for institutions whose names are on the line every single day.


NYU Medical Center, Tisch Hospital, Langone Center

The Public Theater, NYC


Elite is approved to work under the auspices of:

NYC Health & Hospitals Corporation

NYC Department of Design & Construction

NYC Citywide Administrative Services, and NYC Economic Development Corporation.


And, ELITE is the pioneer in installing patient bed lifts certified by American Society of Healthcare Engineers (ASHE).

Columbia University, Teachers College

Project Experiences
  • Hospitality / Hotel
  • Office Spaces
  • Police Departments
  • Sports Facilities
  • Educational
  • Ecclesiastical
  • Medical / Health
  • Museums / Libraries
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
  • Retail
  • Development
  • Residential

Elite takes worker and site safety very seriously.   Our Safety Policies & Procedures are reviewed quarterly.   Safety requirements evolve with the ever-changing work environment.  Please find below our Safety Policies & Procedures, which was revised on April 30, 2015.   Our safety impacts our client’s safety.


  • Elite Employees are required to follow all instructions from foreman, project manager and safety manger on issues relating to safety.

  • Upon your arrival to the site, Elite Employees should speak with the foreman to understand any problematic  or dangerous conditions. All employees are required to attend the weekly” toolbox talks “safety meetings.

  • Elite Employees are expected to wear safety equipment provided by Elite Interior Systems at all times on site. This includes but is not limited to gloves, goggles and hard hats. Proper clothing must be worn on all sites including OSHA approved work boots. No shorts or cut off tee shirts permitted.

  • Personal cell phones and other PDA devices i.e. blackberrys, ipods must be turned off during working hours. Usage is only permitted during break times. In addition, the use of ear buds or headphones is also prohibited during working hours. Only PPE equipment such as ear plugs or eye goggles may be worn on site.

  • Elite Employees  should inspect all tools and equipment including but not limited to scaffolding to ensure it is working properly each time before use. Scaffold Wheels must be in the locked position when working on the scaffold. Report any broken or damaged tools or equipment to your supervisor immediately.

  • The use of alcohol or illegal drugs is strictly forbidden. If you are taking prescription medication, Elite Employees must provide a doctor’s note stating that they are capable of working on a job site while on that medication. Disciplinary action will be taken up to and including termination if they are suspected of violating our substance abuse policy. If there is reasonable suspicion, they will be asked to submit to a drug test. A complete copy of Elite Interiors Systems’ Drug Free Workplace policy is available upon request.

  • Elite Interiors Systems enforces a zero tolerance policy for workplace violence. Any intimidation, threat or act of violence must be reported to the foreman. Any employee found to be in violation may be terminated or face criminal prosecution. Additionally incendiary comments regarding race, gender or sexual orientation will not be tolerated. Elite Employees will be asked to leave the work site immediately if They violate this policy.

  • All accidents regardless of size or severity must be reported to the foreman or supervisor immediately. All gang boxes have a first aid kit. Elite Employees should seek medical attention immediately if necessary and call the office if you need assistance with the medical provider. Report unsafe behavior or hazardous site conditions to the foreman or supervisor immediately.



Elite Interiors Systems/Safety Policy 
and Procedures/Employee Outline


We provide outstanding client service with the highest standards of professionalism and integrity to building enduring relationships of trust and confidence.


 We provide high quality services and results utilizing trusted judgment.  We set high standards for ourselves continually striving to improve and execute flawlessly.


We attract, develop and reward the exceptional people whose collaborative work have provided Elite and our clients with success.


Our sole mission is to provide our client base with integrity, superior work and outstanding client service.   We consistently succeed by employing patience, insight and a keen ability to take decisive action to meet our client’s requirements.


 The stability of our professionals along with our unwavering adherence to best industry practices allows our clients to benefit from a culture that offers continuity and focus.  We take great pride in our approach to each and every project.  We remain true to our core beliefs and the clients who have embraced them.

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